Product Review: Herman’s Amazing Direct Hair Color – Marge Blue

2 August, 2018 | By: Purple | Permalink

***DISCLAIMER: This product was given to me for free to trial. I am in no way affiliated with the company (although very grateful for the sample!). All opinions are my own.***

It’s my birthday tomorrow, and my hair has been blue for a while (Crazy Color Capri Blue, to be precise – recommended!), but having let it sit fallow for a couple of months, it was going an odd washed-out turquoise colour that you will be able to see below. I decided it was time for a change. Luckily, the very lovely people at Kate’s Clothing sent me a free sample jar of Herman’s in Marge Blue – the closest colour to the Capri Blue that I wanted to maintain.

Purple on the train with greenish-blue hair

My hair had gone sort of greenish-turquoise, so I wanted a refresh… Excuse the expression on my face!

The bulk of this review is identical to my review for the same brand in Patsy Purple, which you can find here. The consistency, smell and texture of the Marge Blue is exactly the same as the purple – it’s good to get that level of consistency across a dye brand. My hair is still growing out at the moment (although I might get the roots bleached again at some stage) so it was just another dye-on-the-ends job.

Purple with shower caps on her dyed hair

Obligatory attractive “in progress” selfie. Note liberal use of shower caps to protect the roots from the ends.


I left the dye on for an hour and a half (your experience may vary) and rinsed. Thoughts after drying… The colour didn’t look as vibrant as it did when it was taking or when I rinsed it, but it is a nice refresh for the faded turquoise shade underneath. It hasn’t gone as dark as it would with the Capri Blue, but I am still pleased with the final result. My hair is shiny and in good condition, and looks “fresher” now. Overall, I would probably go back to the Capri Blue after this, but I still have enough dye in the tub for another couple of applications at this length, so I will definitely use that in the interim. Do let me know your thoughts!

Puple with freshly-dyed blue hair

The aftermath. Not stonking, but certainly not bad!

Right, with that done, it’s time to prepare for birthday festivities (well, eating a lot, drinking berry cider and trying and failing to get a Manic Street Preachers ticket for the 25th September…) Comments appreciated, and see you soon.

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