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Updates from the personal lives of the Goths.

Well, what a year…

…and thank gawd it’s over, frankly! It’s been an incredibly difficult year for many people, and 2021 feels like it’s going to be a continuation of these trying times, but the most important thing is that we all stay safe and sensible. Being at home a lot, and not being able to attend snooker tournaments, […]

Life In Lockdown: Builder of Routines

With most pubs, clubs and restaurants set to re-open tomorrow and the possible end of lockdown – barring a second wave – looking likely, I thought I would check-in and give an update on how lockdown has gone since I last posted about it almost three months ago. My last blog post concentrated on my […]

Life in Lockdown – Working Through

Hello, readers (yes, I know there’s probably no-one out there now!). With the current situation, we find ourselves with more time on our hands than ever, having to stay inside save for work, shopping and exercise. With this in mind, we are hoping to create more blog posts soon when we have suitable topics to […]

Goths at the English Open 2018 in Crawley

Hi! We got back from the English Open yesterday after doing the first three days, and we really enjoyed it. See our thoughts on YouTube!

The Snooker Goths are now on YouTube!

We asked for some questions to answer, and people were kind enough to oblige. Watch our Q&A video below: